Cleaning Quote

    Cleaning Quote FAQ

    What Should I Look In A Cleaning Quote

    • who is supplying the cleaning products
    • is the cleaner experienced enough
    • will they work with you if you have special requirements
    • are they open about their rates
    • can you trust the person cleaning with your housekeys

    How Can I Make Sure Things Go Smoothly

    Make sure you make all your preferences known before asking for a quote:

    • specialty cleaning products such as green cleaning products, asthma & allergy specialty products and who is going to provide those products – you or the cleaner
    • are there areas that you want to leave undisturbed (such as shelves, desks, displays, entertainment centers, etc)
    • are there areas where you want the cleaner to focus on (such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc)

    Are There Areas That Are Not Included In The Quote

    There might be additional charges for the following:

    • window cleaning
    • fireplaces
    • high ceilings & high shelves
    • any other heavily soiled or hard to reach area that requires a significant increase for the time allocated to the cleaning job

    We will always keep our prices fair and competitive. Charging extra will only happen if your home requires a significant increase in the time and effort spent cleaning it. You will be told about these extra charges as soon as we can determine the need for extra work or as soon as you tell us about any special requirements that are not usually covered by a house cleaning job.

    All extra charges will be strictly based on the number of additional hours required to work and any specialty cleaning products that we have to pay for.


    Do You Have Coupons Or Discounts

    Not currently, but we are working on a coupon system that we will use to send you coupons in your email inbox.

    Because will know all the ins and outs by then, we might be able to give you some lower prices starting with the 3rd cleaning service that we do for your house, apartment or office.